Become A Masterchef At Home With Homemade Curry Pastes From Tasty Tales


    What Makes It Awesome

    With recipes jotted down from aunts, mothers, mother-in-laws, and grandmothers, Tasty Tales is an online store that does yum curry pastes. We suggest, with these, you are going to take your cooking to a whole different level.

    So, what's special about these? Firstly, these come in a variety of flavours - there's Mylapore Vathal Kozhambu, Punjabi Aloo Launji, Goan Chicken Cafreal, Bengali Mustard Prawns, Amritsari Mutton Curry. Secondly, these do not contain any preservatives but only truckloads of spices, mysterious ingredients, and so much love. Now, tell us that your mouth isn't watering yet?

    Also, not to forget that these are super easy to make. Just add the hero ingredient, cook in the paste, blend well, and voila! Plus, these packs are super affordable too. Their Amritsari Mutton Curry is priced at INR 240 (pack of 2), Mylapore Vathal Kozhambu is priced at INR 190 (pack of 2).

    Psst, don't forget to experiment with these pastes. The kitchen is all yours!

    What Could Be Better

    These pastes are currently available in packs of two or three.


    These are available to shop on LBB (yayyy!)