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Hit Up Taxi For Reasonably Priced Drinks In North Campus


    You’re in North Campus and want reasonably priced booze and shisha? Taxi is your place.

    Taxi Please

    The drinks are quite reasonably priced and unlike certain places we’re aware of {yes, your bar}, the drinks don’t taste like tap water, which means they’re not really diluted. The place isn’t very big and fancy, so we were surprised about we could even choose exotic drinks like absinthe {don’t!}. What we find funny is how Bacardi White is served cheaper then Black. To top it all off, the shisha is usually made quite well, and it starts at just 350 bucks. And avoid the “Mojito base” stuff they serve. Not too many places in Campus serve alcohol and that too this cheap, which is why Taxi is our pick.


    Well, the ambience is yellow {yes, like a taxi} and it’s very cute. The music is for those who would appreciate mainstream EDM. The food is about as good as most places in the area, and that means it’s decent, and not exorbitant. It’s a spot to chill at; grab hold of a couple of people who you’d call friends, and pop by for a drink or two.