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Try China's Famed Peking Duck & Other Authentic Dishes At This G-Town Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're someone who wants to try authentic Chinese food in the city, TCK By The China Kitchen is a great place to drop by. It's a restaurant with warm, ambient lighting, a lavish, fully-stocked bar, and you'll see an open kitchen with glass windows located right in the middle of the restaurant. Sounds fancy? It is. We'd say, reserve a table here for a celebratory family dinner or well, celebratory payday meals. 

As for when you do drop by, skip the starters perhaps, and order their dumplings right away. We tried the Shangahi Chicken Dumplings, and the Shao Mai Prawns, both of which, were little parcels filled with juicy and perfectly seasoned meat/prawns. Vegetarians, you cannot leave TCK without trying their Spicy Veggie & Tofu Pancake with Cheese. It comes with a fried outer layer, and a warm and cheesy filling of veggies. Even the hardcore non-vegetarian in us wouldn't want to share this with anyone else (but you might have to because it's a bit heavy on the stomach).

TCK is also known for serving China's most celebrated dish, the Peking Duck. A whole duck is coated in a honey mixture and roasted in an oven for a crisp, gold outer skin for the same. While the duck is hot, the chef skillfully carves the same into thin layers of meat in front of you. The meat is then served in rolls of crepe with cucumber, scallion, and sweet bean sauce. The whole process is an experience to watch, and the final product, i.e. the rolls, are crunchy, fresh, and the sweetness of the duck and the bean sauce binds the dish together beautifully. But be warned, when had in itself, the duck has a subtle egg-y taste that not many might like. 

What Could Be Better

We absolutely loved everything at TCK by The China Kitchen, but the one thing that probably left us wanting was the XO Chocolate Cigar. It looks every bit Instagram-able with its grey sugar chunks for ashes and the chocolate-covered cigar body, but we weren't a big fan of the chocolate mousse inside.

Pro Tip

In case you plan on ordering the Beijing Roasted Peking Duck, make sure that you order the same (or let the restaurant know in advance) at least 45 mins before when you'd like to try it. The cooking and prep time for this dish is slightly longer (but good things come to those who wait!).