Team DC Or Team Marvel, This Website's Got Superhero Tees & Socks For All Of You


Heropantee is a website that only does Superhero gym tees, suits and socks, and while their collection might be limited, it sure is impressive. Plus, what’s not to love about having Superheroes on pretty much everything you wear?

Super, Super Stuff

While we’re not a huge fan of this website’s name, we’re definitely loving their cute, Superhero socks. They’ve got everything from a Superman with a strand of curly hair, and the ever-so suave Batman, to a grumpy Hulk and even googly-eyed minions. You’ve really got to be a tough cookie if you don’t get excited by Superhero socks {especially when they look this adorable!}.

With the temperatures constantly dropping in the city, there’s really nothing more comforting than slipping into your bed in comfy PJs and, of course, a pair of fuzzy socks to keep your feet toasty.

Sadly for all the women out there, socks are all that Heropantee has to offer, but the guys {especially the gym junkies} have hit the jackpot with this website. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your gym wardrobe and could also do with some inspiration for your workouts, their Superhero polyster and lycra tees available in short and long-sleeve options could be exactly what you need. Heropantee’s tees will give you a reason to get fit, and if you already have that Chris Evans bod, go rock this Captain America shirt.

So, We're Saying...

We think that it’s pretty cool that a website’s doing only Superhero clothing, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already made a mental note to order the set of five pairs of socks.

Price: Starting at INR 200.

Shop here.