Order Your Favourite Leaf From Chai Specialists Teamonk Global

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Teamonk Global’s website reads like an ode to that trusty cup of tea – they stock whole leaf varieties, tea bags and even some elegant cups to pour the world’s favourite drink into.

Oo-longing For Some Tea?

Chance discoveries aside, having a carefully curated collection of tea for every mood involves scouting. If you’re crazy about tea, you’ve probably stocked up on some Raspberry tea from one of these spots. On days when you’re feeling lazy, however, Teamonk Global is kinda perfect because they stock and deliver so many different kinds of teas!

Leaf Me Alone

With a fragrant cup of tea and all’s well in the world. Teamonk takes tea seriously and their collection is proof. Black, Green or Oolong, caffeinated or barely-there caffeine, cinnamon or cardamom – we spent a rather long time window-shopping before we settled on some peppermint tea to soothe our frazzled nerves.

If you’re keen to sample a bunch of flavours, get the Sangha Teabags Collection {INR 600} and then order when you find one that’s a keeper.

Is It Time For Tea Yet?

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party probably didn’t have sets as pretty as this gold porcelain one we found on Teamonk. In addition to their carefully grown, organic teas, they sell some really pretty accessories. Mugs, teapots and jars – these are great for gifting or just adding to your impressive assortment of teaware.

Check them out here.