This Italian Bistro Is Winning For Its Splendid Vanilla Panna Cotta & Beet Burrata

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What Makes It Awesome

Tera Vita is a shiny and pink new Italian bistro that has made quite an entrance into Khan Market's food scene. It offers Italian classics like burrata, and pasta (among others) with a modern twist, and never compromises on the quality of its ingredients, most of which, are procured locally and brought in from Livorno, Italy.

As for our meal here, it included some of our favourite dishes like Beet Burrata, Truffle Truffo Linguini, and the Pepperoni Pizza. The beet version of the classic burrata with sunflower seeds, almonds, berry and beet marmalade has to be our favourite out of the lot. The burrata's rich creaminess goes perfectly well with the tangy berry, and the crunch of the nuts and greens. If you love this Italian cheese as much as we do, order one at Tera Vita without thinking twice (they have more variants too!). Next up, the truffle pasta.

While the pasta was creamy and the portion generous, we did feel that it was slightly on the sweeter side and could perhaps, use more of the truffle flavour. Nonetheless, we have to admit that it was comforting, and so very filling. As for the pizza, it was exactly how we like it - cheesy, and loaded with pepperoni. We also recommend that you wash it all down with a glass (or two) of their perfectly spiced, warm Mulled Wine (we'd definitely go back for seconds, thirds.. and fourths even). 

Also, do not (we repeat, do not) leave without trying Tera Vita's Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta. It has a light, smooth texture, isn't too sweet or overpowering with the vanilla flavour, and the caramel sauce brings everything together beautifully. Are we romanticizing a panna cotta? Well, let's just say, you'll know when you try it for yourself.

What Could Be Better

On the day we visited the restaurant, we felt that the Pepperoni Pizza was a bit more greasy that we'd like it to be. 

Pro Tip

As is the case with most Khan Market eateries, Tera Vita is a not really a big space. The place fills up quickly and finding the perfect table might become a task. So, making reservations here is recommended.