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Tranquility With A Coffee Kick At Thaneerhulla Bungalow In Coorg


    Live the planters life at Thaneerhulla Bungalow, with tranquility, coffee and chirping birds for company. And, of course, plenty of Pandi curry.

    Some Down Time

    This is sheer relaxation in a heritage bungalow that sits pretty in the middle of coffee plantations in Coorg. The drive to the main house is like a stairway to heaven, as it winds through a coffee estate. The bungalow itself {formerly the estate manager’s residence} has been done up to resemble something straight out of Kodava heritage, but with modern amenities.

    Suite Life

    Check into one of three heritage suites and live life the luxurious way. Think regal four-poster beds, en suite bathrooms large enough to be rooms themselves, and wooden flooring with soft carpets and ceiling to floor drapes. There’s even a chaise lounge to loll on — bestseller in one hand and piping hot coffee in the other?

    Aiming to make it an all-round homestay {with that luxe factor}, we suggest you stay in for meals. Don’t even think of skipping the Pandi Curry, Koli {chicken} Curry with rice or Akki roti {rice roti, for the uninitiated}. They also do a lovely mutton curry as well as a typical English Sunday Roast — roast chicken, boiled veggies, mash or herb rice, and oodles of gravy.

    Finish off with the perfectly wobbly but not runny, caramel custard.

    Caffeine Hunt

    Once you’re all filled up, follow it up with a snooze on the lawn and then head off on a nature walk great for bird watchers and coffee enthusiasts. The first half of this trek will teach you about Woodpeckers, Wagtails, Herons and Laughing Thrushes among hundreds of others.

    By the end of the second half, you’ll be able to distinguish your Arabica from your Robusta. Now that is a real bean to cup experience – you’ll even learn how to pick beans, grind them, and see if they’re worth being in someone’s morning cuppa.


    Do order your meals well in advance. 12 hours is ideal, as the turn-around time isn’t quite like a hotel.