The Adventure Bridge - For Your Next Off-Beat Foreign Vacation

Like-minded people going on a trip to explore a country in all its glory and local beauty – Sounds like a dream, right? The Adventure Bridge {TAB} brings to avid travellers eclectic itineraries that explore a single country at a time, in select and small batches. Because mainstream travels are so passé.

Looking at modest batches of not more than 12 people, TAB curates journeys to offbeat foreign destinations, including Burma, Myanmar, Romania, Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, Turkey, Oman and so many more.

The exciting factor, though, is that these trips aren’t only for sightseeing, but involve a combination of hiking, camping, river rafting, climbing and more, so you can combine adventure, adrenaline and the regular sightseeing. Think living, eating and travelling like locals; an exercise in participating in the lives of the locals and their communities.

This experiential travel company promises unusual hiking trips in the hills of Northern Thailand {and not just beaches in the south}, an Everest Base Camp trip, and so much more. If you are young, passionate about travelling and looking for some activity with your friends and family, The Adventure Bridge should be on your contact list.

If you want to change things on a pre-curated itinerary, they will customise it for you. Although, it is best to keep in mind that these changes factor in time and expense. They currently do only one combination trip which includes Vietnam and Cambodia, since culturally interacting with one locality is foremost for TAB. What you waiting for? Time is running out. Well, not really. But get to it anyway.