The Best Day Care Centers For Your Tiny Tot

With the growth of single parent families, and the need for both parents in nuclear families to work, children need to be left in an environment of care and nurturing. We got together with GurgaonMoms to bring you a list of daycares that’ll treat your child right.

Crystal Children’s Center

Think of home away from home, and Crystal comes to mind. The teachers at this facility take each and every child under their wing, and ensure holistic growth. Taking children starting from the age of 2 months, the space has plenty of activities, both indoor and outdoor, that help the children develop important skills.


Recommended by Vandana Sharma

Pallavan Day Care

Started in 2001, this day care aims to develop skills like critical thinking and integrity in your child. They take children from the age of 1.5 years and realize that each child has a different learning style, thereby encouraging them to exercise their strengths, all the while teaching them to adapt to a variety of situations.

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Recommended by Vidya Raja and Damandeep Kaur

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Plot 1107, D Block, Opp. Qutub Plaza, Shahtoot Marg, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon


IDiscoveri Daycare and Pre-School

A ‘green’ {by which we mean eco-friendly} daycare and playschool, IDiscoveri makes sure that their children are conscious about their surroundings and their role in the protection of the environment, from day one. They also encourage children to explore their ideas so as to inculcate a sense of confidence early on.

Where: Nursery School Site, Near Plot Number 1393, Sector 46, Gurgaon

Contact: +91 9818208833/ +91 9212804500

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Recommended by Ruchi Rehan

Kinder Plume, National Media Center

Attentive teachers, a balanced focus between sports and academics, and encouraging children to develop their confidence are just some of Kinder Plume’s attributes as a school. They attempt to provide singular attention to each child, considering the fact that the initial years are the formative years.


Recommended by Manpreet Bains and Supriya Saxena

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Kinder Plume


Golf Course Road, Near AIT Chowk, Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon



Oysterr employs a highly qualified team of teachers, who are equipped to handle the needs of children of different ages. They start as early as 3 month old children, and create a warm, safe environment for them. They help transform a child, much like the formation of a pearl. LBB Tip: They are well-equipped to handle medical emergencies.

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Recommended by Pooja Sardana

Sixth Element

At Sixth Element, they know that more than anything, children love to play, and so they structure a lot of their lessons around play. They allow for freedom of discovery and exploration, and channel a child’s unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity into learning.

Where: B Block, Adjacent B Block Garden, Near Signature Towers, South City-1, Gurgaon

Contact: 0124 4086466/ +91 8527274695

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Recommended by Chhavi Bhalla and Charu Sharma


Known for how well-organized they are, Medhaam goes the extra mile to help your child become a wise and discerning member of society. They identify and help to develop each child’s potential, as well as help them to learn skills to contribute to their overall growth. One of their key endeavours is to ease kids into interacting with their peers, and the society at large.

Where: C Block, Near Rakshak Apartments, South City-1, Gurgaon

Contact: 0124 437990012/ +91 9654122900

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Recommended by Neha Singh