The Best Venues to Perform Music at in Delhi

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We’re always telling you what you can see, do, eat and listen to in our city, so that you’re constantly entertained, but what about the people who are doing the entertaining? For all the musicians who create tunes for the rest of us, here are the best venues to perform at in Delhi.

Hard Rock Cafe

An old-timer, this venue is known for its easy to access location, its ability to pull a crowd, and above all its consistency. With time, it has become one of those spots that people head to because of its credibility. They run a well-oiled machine, taking care of everything from a sound set-up, to marketing and promotion of the artist.

Turquoise Cottage

While you’ll have to arrange for equipment, a gig at Turquoise Cottage {TC} is always the kind that takes you back down memory lane. One of the oldest establishments around, they were the first ones who brought the bar and restaurant format to Delhi. Perform here for a crowd that will relate well to you, especially if you’ve got some classic rock ‘n’ roll up your sleeve.


One of the city’s top outdoor venues, Zorba’s amphitheatre is known for its wonderful acoustics. The music translates seamlessly, making it great for a show where you want the audience to lose themselves in the tunes. They’re also well prepared- you’ll find most of the equipment you need in-house, and they’ll take care of a little promotion as well.


If there’s ever been a crowd-puller, it’d be this one. They have people from all over Delhi, day in and day out, and every live gig here is practically bursting with excitement. The small space ropes people into the music, and the management does a great job of spreading the word.


A new player in the scene, they have fast become the place to be for live gigs. They program artists every week, and the space is designed so that both the listeners as well as the people who just want to have a good time can co-exist. The musicians are completely taken care of, from their tech-rider requirements to the buzz around the show.

Cocktail and Dreams, Speakeasy

The audience here listens. While their entire sound set-up works on a do-it-yourself format, as a performance space where you’re looking to catch the listener’s attention and hold it, it’s on point. You’ll leave a happy camper after finishing your set.