Delivering Now: Your Glass Of Milk Will Love These Cookies, Fudge & Biscotti By The Delish Co.

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What Makes It Awesome

Desserts are the best part of any meal, and when you've got homemade cookies or fudge to end your supper, it's pretty much an instantaneous decision to stuff your face with… well, all of it. We came across The Delish Co's baked goods and our sweet tooth took over any train of thought we had and parked it at Dessertville. They've got cookies, fudge, biscotti, and chocolate barks in different varieties–everything's authentic and made in-house (more like in-home) that you can get online on Amazon. You can also get these at stores like Modern Bazaar and Krishna Super Marche 37.

They've got cookies in flavours like peanut butter and mint choco chip, fudge variants like cookie dough, dark chocolate, cookies 'n' cream, and milk chocolate, and make-you-drool chocolate barks in Circus (white chocolate and cranberries) and Confetti (white chocolate with hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds) flavours. Don't forget to try their cranberry & pistachio biscotti and chocolate coated almonds. Also not to miss is their chocolate bites with dark and milk chocolate, peanut butter and peanuts. Ready to overindulge?

Price: INR 249 onwards

Pro Tip

Get one of their combo packs for a little bit of everything . Had a dull day? Get a glass of warm milk and go cray dipping their baked goodness.