Karol Bagh Folks, You Have This Lovely Cafe & We Just Found Out?!

    Karol Bagh, Delhi


    Parked right at the metro station, The Feast House might not look like much from the outside but inside, it’s a whole different story. You’ll find a tiny indoor lawn, a waffle stand, a shack look alike and even a fine-dine corner. Spoiled for choice, are we?

    Fresh As A Lilly

    A welcome change from the dingy lounges that abound in this area, The Feast House comes as a breath of fresh air. In fact, for those few moments, you can forget that there’s a crowded Karol Bagh market right there or that thousands of metro travellers are waiting to cross the ever-jammed Pusa Road because they’ve got to be someplace real soon.

    Just one foot in and we’re struck by how gorgeous the cafe looks. It’s got all our favourite things {fairy lights, bird cages, wall paintings and flower boroughs} with a menu that’s exhaustive and not over-the-top expensive. So much happy here, guys!

    Belly Dance For Everyone

    Deciding what to eat here can be a challenge because the menu runs into 10 plus pages and resembles a confused student’s graduation thesis. On the bright side, you’ll never get bored because every food group gets representation here: pastas, pizzas, tikkas, tiffins, tacos, hot dogs, brekkie, cakes and the newest obsession, freakshakes.

    We sampled the hot dog which was homely but great nevertheless and the chips and dips was enough for a group of three hoping to catch up over nibbles and a sinful Oreo and strawberry shake.

    Since the place is just a month-old, most regulars are also yet to zero in on their favourite dishes. So, go on and taste everything for yourself. We hear that they bake their own breads and even have cake jars and cheesecake coming soon. Karol Bagh… You go girl!

      Karol Bagh, Delhi