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We're Telling You Why You Need To Go To Gaming Vegas This Weekend

    When we heard about the opening of a gaming arcade at Logix Centre, Sector 37, {the same mall with the cool PVR} we just piled in to our car without thinking twice and went for it. As expected, it provided us with one of the most fun-filled afternoons in recent times.

    They’ve got a bunch of arcade games {bowling, air hockey etc}, video games as well as some 3D delights. Whatever tickets you win at these, you can redeem at their store for fun merch {stuffed toys, stationery, superhero stuff etc}.

    Here’s a round-up of what we liked the most here.

    Star Wars Pod

    We had been excited about this one ever since it was unveiled at the Delhi Comic Con, and it was definitely worth the excitement. Developed by Bandai Namco Games, it is complete geek material, and definitely makes you a part of the ‘Force’, as far as we’re concerned.

    A high-speed arcade game, the pod has a dome-shaped screen that envelopes the player as he/she goes through the five stages—Yavin, Hoth, Endor, Death Star and Vader’s Revenge. The pod offers you control of the TIE fighter, the X-wing fighter, Airspeeders, Speeder bikes and the Millenium Falcon; complete with acceleration and combat controls.

    The Knocking Down Monkeys Game

    The Monkey Game was one of our favourites. So much so, we played it twice. You have to hit the different monkeys climbing the trees with virtual sticks to make them fall off, which was reason enough for us to just go at it. It’s great to relieve that pent-up frustration: Aim the wooden balls at the monkeys and beat the time for extra effect. Once in a while, you’ll even have to duel a giant gorilla and hit it multiple times till it loses. PS: This one is definitely not for little kids who have a penchant for violence. Or, is it?

    Kung Fu Panda

    We were so happy to see that one of our favourite characters made it to The Gaming Vegas. Here, you become Po the panda, and are presented with a bunch of {mostly} food items such as watermelons, bowls of noodles and even pumpkins. The aim? To smash these by hitting giant white pads {with paws on them} before the food disappears from the screen. As you go higher, you need to be faster to avoid hitting the additional bombs.

    Adrenaline rush, much?

    Jurassic 3D Adventure

    We can’t count the number of times we’ve imagined ourselves being part of iconic movies and playing the hero who saves the day {or the world, perhaps?}. And if Jurassic Park is one of those movies you’ve imagined yourself being part of, you’re in for a treat with this one.

    Take our word for it when we say this is possibly the best game they have here. The pod you’re required to sit in for incorporates motions, too; so every time you’re flying off a cliff or bumping into a huge-ass dinosaur, you’ll definitely feel the movement. We went at this game about five times, and stepped out of the pod with a gleeful, childlike expression and the words, ‘WHOA. This is SO cool!’ every single time!


    Bowling falls in the category of things you used to do, but don’t anymore for no conceivable reason. It’s also one of those things you should never play with your friends as long as you plan to stay friends with them, as things get quite competitive quite soon.

    Gaming Vegas was as good a place as any to get back to it, and honestly, we could go back for a round or two. The staff was supportive throughout, and could even be seen helping out people who weren’t able to do it properly; ‘it’ obviously being throwing a big ball across a wooden floor {hey, it’s tough ok?}.

    Theatre Dome

    When you’re done slashing and hitting and jumping, you may want to step into the theatre dome and relax for 10 minutes. They’ve got different movies playing at different times. We went for Dino Land, which had us seated in a boat of sorts, and took us on a 3D journey through rivers, icy mountains and giant mouths of dinosaurs. It was more scary than amusing TBH, but fun nonetheless.

    PS: They have a dedicated kids’ area with a mini bowling alley, where the balls roll out of the mouths of clowns, among other attractions. They also have a small eatery where you can get basics like aerated drinks and popcorn. Nom nom.