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This Quarantine Chef-Dad Is Delivering Delightful Home Cooked Meals Across Delhi

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What Makes It Awesome

If there's one good thing that has come out of this otherwise not-so-great pandemic is the fact that many of us realised that we can actually cook (and well). Following suit is a self-trained home chef, Suhail Mehraa, from The Hungry Dad and Co., who also happened to discover his hidden passion for cooking during the prolonged 2020 quarantine season. 

You'll notice that the menu here is heavily dominated by divine looking, thin-crust pizzas, Lebanese, Mexican and Asian cuisines. These are also their best-sellers. Suhail tells us that he changes his menu each time he cooks. So there is something new to look forward to each time, great isn't it?

Tacos, Chicken Burgers, Bathed Shroom Parcels, Miso Grilled Chicken - whatever comes out of this home kitchen is fresh and made using quality ingredients. We honestly cannot wait to try the Pizzas from here during our next Netflix binge-watch sesh. 

Since there isn't much assistance and Suhail cooks everything himself, it's best to always pre-order. You can place your orders through WhatsApp and be a part of Suhail's broadcast list where he sends the weekly menus. So, when are you placing your orders?  


They deliver across Delhi NCR, y'all (woohoo).