Ever been interested in lines, columns and spaces inside buildings and rooms? Ever thought you could do a better job than had already been done? All you need is a skill set- and the KLC School of Design is the perfect place. Read on.

Space Godmother

A three year course, you’ll be equipped with all the skills, technical and otherwise, to create spaces that will be the envy of everyone you know. All those grand plans you’ve had for your own house? You can put them into motion, or even foray into it professionally. The cherry on the sundae? You don’t have to move an inch- it’s all online.

E-meet and greet

All your studying will be on the World Wide Web, where you’ll also interact with people from all over the world taking the same course and work on collaborative projects. Learn from people from all walks of life- students and teachers alike. Sounds good to us.

When: 18 Jan 2016-  7 Apr 2019

Find out more and apply, here.

Feature image courtesy: Milla Kontkanen