The Little Farm Vegetables In Gurgaon Will Deliver Chemical-Free Produce To Your Home

Anshika posted on 12 July


In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious about where and how food is being produced, Gurgaon brings to you The Little Farm Vegetables. Drive down to this farm, just 20 minutes out of town, or order some produce for a taste of chemical-free, farm fresh vegetables!

Love-Khet Relationship

The Little Farm Vegetables by Mandira Kalra Kalaan went commercial two and a half years ago and it has been growing ever since. It does not only produce your everyday vegetables but also beautiful yellow beetroot, purple carrots, kale and many others at affordable prices! Another product that caught our eye was their salad mix which greatly reduces the effort put into planning and preparing a healthy meal.

You don’t need to empty your pockets on imported ingredients anymore and can simply get picture-perfect veggies delivered to your homes – across Delhi NCR.

We’re All Farmers Here

Although you can order the produce from the comfort of your air-conditioned houses, plan a visit to get some great tips on growing these vegetables in your gardens. You can even try food cooked from the vegetables at their Pop-Up lunches which should kick off soon.

So We’re Saying

Take a day out of the chemically charged city life and head to The Little Farm Vegetables to reconnect with your roots.

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