Sprawling Tea Estates And Rolling Mountains At The Lodge At Wah


    Built in a completely environmentally-friendly fashion, The Lodge at Wah in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, is your hilly escape from the ever-growing cloud of air pollution in the city; right from the gorgeous views of the tea estate to an all-organic menu to gorge on.

    Why Should I Go Here?

    There’s nothing like the Delhi winter, though that statement loses its value with every day spent choking up on the ever-worsening pollution {there is some respite now, though}. These are the precise circumstances that make for an ideal weekend getaway to the hills.

    Don’t forget to pack up those warmers, though, as the temparature can get quite below a comfortable level this time of the year here, especially at nights.

    Eco-Friendly Lodging

    The Lodge at Wah is situated on the Wah Tea Estate in Palampur {also unofficially known as the tea capital of the country}; the largest tea estate in Himachal Pradesh, and owned by a family hailing from Kolkata.

    The idea was to to provide an escape from city life while leaving as little carbon footprint behind as possible, and they do a damn good job at it, too! Everything, right from the paint used on the walls to the materials used to build it to the meals, is made from natural, locally-sourced material.

    The View

    The property is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains as well as the tea estate, providing a tranquil environment you’d be hard pressed to find at most weekend escapes in the country. We suggest taking your favourite read along and just wasting away the hours amidst the gorgeous views.

    So, We’re Saying...

    Long weekend coming up? Pack your bags, rev up those engines and get on a road trip here. Your lungs will thank you for it.