Tend To Eat Unhealthy 4pm Snacks? This Place Gives You 350+ Healthier Options To Choose From

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    If you’re looking for snacks to complement your healthy lifestyle, The Nut Lounge in Green Park market offers over 350 different types of seeds, nuts, berries and more.

    Some Berry Good Options

    We’ve all had the occasional sunflower seeds or almonds in the morning, but when we walked into The Nut Lounge, we were almost dazed by all the jars full of nuts, seeds, and berries in more varieties than we’d even heard of—they’ve got over 350 kinds – let that surprise factor stew a little. If you’ve been looking for healthier snacking options, let your search begin {and possibly end} here.

    You’ll find multiple shelves stacked with glass jars full of roasted omega nuts, cranberry mixes, black seeds, raisins, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, cantaloupe, dried apple rings, antioxidant blends and so much more. They’ve even got 1+1 offers on a lot of products.

    They’ve even got some special mixes they claim you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also find all kinds of protein and health bars, small gourmet jars in flavours like apricot marmalade, walnut cinnamon, almond honey & more.

    They import special seeds and nuts from Iran and USA, and have got the majority of in-house production set up in Jammu.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Go over to The Nut Lounge, take your pick, and start packing your bags full of snacking options that are healthy and tasty.

      Available Online