Planning A Trip To Kashmir? Make Sure To Visit Amigos In Srinagar For Delectable Pizzas & More

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What Makes It Awesome

As a traveller to Kashmir, the one thing I intended to do was to taste some delicious Kashmiri food. And I did! But after staying a few days, I wanted something else for my taste buds. That's when I stumbled into Amigos, Kashmir's only pizza joint with a twist.

Surprising as it may sound, but you won't find Dominos or Pizza Hut in Kashmir but Amigos fills that void pretty well. Not only does this place serve delicious non-veg and veg pizza, it also serves Lebanese, Mughalai and Indian cuisine available. They even have Chinese food available just in case you want to go for that. Bustling with families and young and old at all times, the ambience of the place is quite amazing too!

What's My Pro Tip?

I know having a pizza while in Kashmir is not on top of anyone's priorities as a traveller. But when you sitting in a houseboat in the middle of Dal Lake, you may just crave for a pizza, and Amigos is the only place that will deliver it to you. So if you ever manage to go there {I definitely recommend you do}, do try their spicy chicken blast pizza, it definitely has a ring to it.

Anything Else?

Also, this spot delivers food where ever you are in Srinagar. And that's something rare when you are there.