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Kit Kat Shakes & Blueberry Pancakes Galore At This Noida Cafe

Navni posted on 20 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

For epic pancakes and waffles, served with copious amounts of syrup and dollops of butter and fruit, bookmark The Paddy’s Cafe for whenever you’re visiting Noida next.

Hook{ah}ed On Pancakes

Pancakes are clearly the reason most people go to Paddy’s. Available in many sweet flavours {Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Hawaiian, Choco Chip and our favourite, Blueberry} as well as savoury {Mushroom and Cheese, Classic Country} the kitchen staff has the process down pat. Expect fluffy, crispy-edged pancakes topped with your choice of fruit and oodles of syrup.

If you fancy your shisha, do take a seat in their balcony and unwind.

The Heavier Stuff

The cafe knows you can’t solely survive on pancakes {or can you?} and they hence offer popular dishes like pizza, risotto, pasta, continental grills and an entire range of Arabic fare. Psst, they also have a small section on diet food comprising salads, soups, char-grilled chicken and the like. We’re digging their stuffed bread, available in options such as Chicken Extravaganza and Chilli Paneer.

The Paddy’s Cafe is ideal for when you want to take a short breather with some delish pancakes in the middle of a busy day.