BRB's Flavourful Popped Chips Are The Cheat Code To Guilt-Free Snacking!

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What Makes It Awesome?

There’s no right or wrong time for snacking; it’s always snack o’clock around the clock! Even though snacking gives us so much happiness, we somehow end up feeling bad when we indulge ourselves. No more, we say! Presenting to you, our newest snack obsession… BRB Popped Chips! 

Just as the name suggests, these are popped chips (not baked or fried, mind you!) that come in potato and rice variants. Heat and pressure are applied to potato, sweet potato and rice pellets that turn them into super light and crunchy snacks. As a result, they have a very different texture compared to other chips in the market. Fun fact, these popped chips are also gluten-free, so everyone can get onboard the flavour train. 

Speaking of flavour train, BRB comes in four yummy flavours. Bhel and Sweet Chipotle flavoured potato chips, Roasted Garlic & Herbs, and Cheese & Caramelized Onion flavoured sweet potato chips. The BRB Rice Popped chips come in Classic Salted, Peri Peri, Pudina Punch, and Jalapeno & Tomato flavours. Plus, these are made with real veggies and pulses. We never knew what we were missing with sweet potato chips until we tried these. Not to mention, they are so much healthier than fried and baked chips, which means guilt-free snacking. Don’t be shy, pop some more! 

They come in two pack sizes: A solo pack that serves one and a squad pack that you can share with friends. Also, since they are popped and not fried or baked, they have little to no oil in them, so say goodbye to oily screen-taps on your smartphone. BRB, snacking on some popped chips!