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All you Dilliwaalas, whether born and bred, or just making it home for a while, are aware that Lajpat Nagar is South Delhi’s answer to all things fabric, trim and embellishment related. And if you weren’t aware, we’re clueing you in to this gem, with tips from a regular visitor. In this case, we mean Delhi-based designer Ridhi Mehra, who’s known for her custom-made couture. She uses a lot of traditional Indian material, as well as embroidery worked into ensembles for the contemporary woman, and swears by The Prakaash Collection.

What do they do?

Housing all sorts of trims, from traditionally Indian ones to embellished beauties that would work along the edges of more modern silhouettes, they’ve got a range that’s mind boggling. Their basement holds a treasure of beads, buttons, studs and zips. We guarantee you’ll be able to replace anything you’ve lost from a favourite top.

What Ridhi has to say?

Her new-found love is gold buttons, and she swears by The Prakaash Collection for them. The buttons are muted gold, and have carvings within them, and if you are all about the little details, {like Ridhi Mehra is}, it’ll be love at first sight. She uses them on her personal jackets as well, so you can be sure this Delhi fashion hack is a personal preference of hers.

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