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The Imperial's Chef De Cuisine Gives Us Her Top Dinner Recipe

Aditi posted on 06 May

Chef Veena Arora is the President’s awardee Chef De Cuisine at The Spice Route at The Imperial, honoured with the title of Best Lady Chef by the Ministry of Tourism in India in 2012. Born and brought up in Thailand, she took the cuisine at The Spice Route to a global level making it one of the Best South East Asian Restaurants in the world, pleasing Queens and celebrities.

Here’s her make-at-home favourite, Kieow Tieow Naam, for LBB’s {The Recipe Project}


Thai Rice Noodles                                                                         160 gms Chicken Breast Boneless                                                               60 gms Bean Sprouts                                                                                   60 gms Chinese Cabbage/Normal Cabbage                                          120 gms Spring Onions                                                                                 60 gms Celery {if available}                                                                        20 gms Chicken Stock Cube                                                                         02 No. Garlic Minced                                                                                  10 gms Crushed Peanut                                                                               10 gms White Pepper                                                                                  04 gms Sugar                                                                                                 10 gms Light Soya/Salt                                                                              To taste


Pour water into the pot and boil it with the stock cube Mince or slice the chicken, add it to the water Cut the cabbage into 1” and the normal cabbage into thin slices Chop the spring onions Sauté the garlic till light brown Put the noodle in the stock, when noodle is almost done, add the rest of the ingredients except garlic. When done garnish with sautéed garlic.

Accompanying Sauce, If Desired

Chop 5 gms of garlic and 10 gms of chillies. Add to 20 ml of boiled water and 5 gms of sugar; vinegar and fish sauce to taste.

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