Ten Second Takeaway

Sound Space StarShip wishes to foster an environment that allows musicians, whose tastes veer towards the more obscure and experimental, a place to explore their own unique sound. They provide rehearsal and recording space, equipped with quality analogue and digital equipment.

Why we’re excited

So, in a city with a thousand recording studios and jam pads, how and why do they stand out? For one, their approach to the creative process seems almost organic. While most recording studios are built in basements, Sound Space Starship built theirs on the top floor of a building in South Extension. Why, you ask? LBB spoke with Vinay Goel, the owner – a musician himself, he felt it important that artists not feel stifled or bogged down; so that’s where the idea for both the studio and the outdoor seating {they call it the Outta Space} comes from – the idea is to allow people to work in open spaces, with lots of light. What’s more? They’ve got a video camera and a projector, for musicians to record and watch all their rehearsals, so their live sessions are pitch perfect. Plus, they run a student special, from Monday to Friday before 6pm – where you can rehearse for 3 hours for the price of 2!

Where: 451-452, 4th Floor, South Extension Part II, Masjid Moth

Price: Rehearsal at INR 300/hour. Recording at INR 500/hour

Timings: 10am – 12am. {Closed on Thursday}

Contact: +91 8588948152

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