Ten-Second Takeaway

Salted caramel chocolate Kahlua cake. Nuff said? The Sweet Story does a jar version of this among home-made truffles, chocolate bars, granola and macaroons.

Flavours DIY

The Sweet Story does some pretty kickass chocolate bars {we like the Cranberry Pistachio and the Rocky Road} but what’s really great is that they’re ready to work with new ingredients as per your taste. Like orange and strawberry with a dash of almonds? Let them know. As long as they feel the flavour combinations work, they’ll make a batch just for you. Feel special yet?

Kahlua Me Maybe?

091116_sweetstory1As you may have already figured out, our favourite thing from The Sweet Story is their Salted Caramel Kahlua Cake, which is essentially a jar full of oozing dark chocolate, with a layer of gooey salted caramel and {yes} a generous amount of coffee liqueur. Be warned though; it’s pretty rich and very sweet, so you may want to order it for a special occasion rather than for a mid-day snack.

They also do some crispy crackling coconut macaroons which are worth a try. We’d recommend ordering a box of assorted goodies soon and forming your own favourites.

Photos: Nandini Bansal/LBB