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Chelsea, Palermo, Soho & More: Get These Divine Pizzas Delivered At Home From Fat Lulu's


    What Makes It Awesome

    One of the classic comfort foods, pizza is both a dish to be devoured alone or with a large group of people. Basically, friends may come and go, but pizza is always there for you. So, we decided to try a bunch of different toppings at one of Delhi’s more popular pizzerias Fat Lulu’s – and here's what we think you should order right away.

    If you're opting for a veg pizza, go for the Queens – it's served up on a wholewheat crust and the toppings include olives, red onions, and fresh rocket leaves. There are jalapenos for a kick, and some feta (the star of the show) adding some great tang to the slice. Props must go to Fat Lulu’s for not being stingy with their olives (a problem we face at other pizzerias) and really laying them on. Next up, a meat eater’s delight – the Soho is a pizza packed with protein. The heavy toppings include pepperoni (how can you go wrong?) Parma ham, ground lamb and Italian sausage. It manages to cram in all these meats, without being overly oily (which is always a plus). The hero of this pizza pie is the Parma ham, pepperoni and cheese combination. That is not to say the crumbly ground lamb, and juicy Italian sausage isn’t delicious in itself! Lastly, Chelsea is one of our favourite pizzas on the entire Fat Lulu’s menu. With pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and good ol' mozzarella, each slice is packed with flavour. The pizza isn’t too spicy, has a rich flavour and is very well-balanced. Full marks.

    Apart from these absolutely killer pizzas, folks at Fat Lulu's also have a bunch of pasta and gourmet burgers that you can order. They say there's no such thing as too much cheese and we swear by it. Order their Three Cheese Mac & Cheese and you won't be disappointed. And now that summers are at its peak, order some fresh coolers with mint to gulp all the cheese down with. 

    Pro Tip

    Special mention must go to their garlic bread and bacon & cheese jalapeno poppers, which make for delicious starters, appropriate for when you just want to nibble. Do not forget to try the pull-apart garlic bread! Oh also, they're delivering right now. Their orders come safely packed and they're following clean practices in their kitchens.