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The Tree Company For Plants That Are Natural Air Purifiers


    If the pollution levels in Delhi have you choked, let us tell you about The Tree Company. They provide natural air purification solutions i.e. plants that battle the big, bad pollutants at your home and office.

    Just Breathe

    Not all pollutants are created equal and, unfortunately, just putting a spider plant in your bathroom won’t be effective against the benzene and formaldehyde. The Tree Company can evaluate which plants would be most effective for different parts of your home and also evaluate the toxicity that’s seeped into your house.

    If you’ve already invested in masks and air purifiers, we suggest you check out The Tree Company. Potted plants are prettier, anyway.

    Your Very Own Garden

    Regardless of how cramped your living spaces are right now, these guys can also help you create a beautiful vertical garden. Some of the other services they offer are customised pots that add aesthetic value to these very functional, very necessary plants. These beautiful pots of greenery also make for super thoughtful gifts—given the current air quality in the capital, we couldn’t ask for anything better.

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