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Tea Lovers, This Delhi Cafe Is Serving Chai Topped With Cream Cheese

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What Makes It Awesome

The sangria bar in Defence Colony, The Turkey Project doesn’t believe in lying low. It’s whipping up a whole lot of cool stuff and their latest experiment revolves around cheese tea! Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like… Cheese and chai… together in a glass.

We decided to make a trip just to see why everyone’s losing their mind over this strange concoction. After people across the world went crazy posting photos of the famous ‘cream moustache’ that they got after they put the frothy glass of cheese tea to their lips, we just had to see if The Turkey Project’s version lived up to the hype. 

So we find out that the bistro does cheese tea in two flavours: Bubblegum and Strawberry. To break it down for you, they combine cold brewed tea topped with an inch or two of thick cream cheese and whipped cream. We went half expecting a cheesecake shake and it kind of came close to our imagination. You’re first met with an impermeable layer of sweet-ish cream cheese and under it is the mildest, lightest iced tea we’ve ever tasted.

In all, it’s a great experiment and the bubblegum one was a pleasant reminder of Boomer, the chewing gum that marked our growing up years. Midway laughing through the moustache, we realised that we’d have to leave strawberry for another day. But hey, we gotta say that it was amazing to meet Bubblegum Cheese Tea in person. Yes, we had doubts and yes, we thought cheese and tea just sounded like a very odd couple but finally, we’re super happy to stand corrected.

Cheese Tea is what got our attention but there’s a whole lot to look forward to even if you’re not feeling that experimental. Read more about the place here.

PS: The mushroom pasta is pure, unadulterated love on a plate. Try it.