The Pros And Cons Of The Big Fat Delhi Wedding


Our favourite people nowadays, Vagabomb, came up with 10 awesome pros and cons of having a good ol’ Delhi wedding, and we cannot help but agree. Take a look at these highs and lows of having a wedding in Delhi.

Best Venues

The choice of wedding venues available in the National Capital Region is unmatched.


It takes three hours to get to a venue 30 minutes away. The bride and groom will probably arrive after most guests have left.

Best Makeup Artists

The best wedding make-up artists and hair stylists are in Delhi. Avoid transportation and accommodation costs by having the wedding here, and get the best for less.


It’s a superhuman feat to find an inexpensive make-up artist who won’t make you look like you’re doing a walk of shame. All prices are hiked during the wedding season, and the best stylists and photographers come for a small fortune.

Modern Weddings

Unlike smaller cities, non-adherence to convention and tradition won’t attract any unwanted attention.


The city is so crowded that you have at least 20 neighbours poke their noses into your affair, including the colony aunties who always want to know ‘kya diya‘ or ‘kitna mehenga hai.’

Best Food

Delhi has the best food and some of the best caterers to serve it. Every palate can be satisfied.


Finding a good caterer who gives you what you want within a limited budget is akin to spotting a unicorn.

Extravagance Ensured

Delhi is the place for the most extravagant weddings. The limit isn’t even the sky; it’s probably the next galaxy.


If you don’t have an extravagant wedding and there’s no luxury sedan standing outside, you will be subjected to the concern {read: post-party gossip} of your ‘well-wishers’.

Bring on the Bling

No one will question your fashion choices if you wear your bling loud and proud. Someone will always be louder and shinier than you at a Delhi wedding.


If you like to dress like a normal human being and not a disco ball, you will stand out like a sore thumb at every wedding.

Spot the Celeb

A politician, or someone who claims to be a politician’s friend’s nephew, will show up at your wedding.


Some uninvited thug will show up, get drunk and unprovokedly tell you about his father’s profession.

Band, Baaja, Bucks

Delhi has the best bandwalas which make for the brightest, loudest baraats ever. You can get anything you want as long as you’re willing to pay for it.


Get ready to spend a small fortune if you want a band, lights, ghodi, and dholwalas in your baraat.

Designer Dresses

Delhi has the best and most well-known designers for clothes and wedding cards, though only the super-rich can afford them.


If Delhi has designers, it also has replicas. Several markets offer inexpensive copies of the best designer outfits and wedding cards. For those looking to not invest all their savings in a piece of clothing, you can rent lehengas, too.

Relative Ruckus

Since the city is so well-connected, it’s easy for all of your relatives to reach the wedding.


Delhi is so easy to reach that everyone on the guest list will show up. So get ready to finally break those fixed deposits.

This post first appeared on Vagabomb here.