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Plot Your Next Move at The Villain Cafe

Mahima posted on 29 February


No points for guessing what The Villain Cafe is about- it celebrates the baddest, the wickedest and the most loved {and hated?} villains of all time with some great food and cocktails.

Chillin Like a Villain

The villain influences however, are more prevalent the decor rather than the actual food. They’ve got a super-cool lounge seating area with replicas of big guns on each table- dimly lit, of course. The best seating area is definitely the spacious rooftop where your own gang of baddies can chill for hours planning and plotting your next move. *Evil grin*.

Drink Up

The Villain Cafe has an excellent variety on the drinks menu. Just let the staff know your preference of flavours and they’ll suggest the best option for you.

Our first {and very wise} choice was Nutty Fruity, a bright, frothy mocktail with cranberry and pineapple flavours along with hazelnut, served in a bulb. We thoroughly enjoyed their Guava Spice- a mix of guava juice, vodka and a secret mix of spices that came with a chilli-coated rim.

The regular Cold Coffee {the hazelnut variant wasn’t available that day} was not as strong or cold as it should have been and can be skipped.

Eat Up

Absolutely do not miss their Vegetable Cigars- each piece comes seated in a shot glass with a fabulous chilli garlic sauce. To our surprise, the rolls didn’t go soggy even after we spent a little too much time photographing them. The next thing on our must-order list is the very tender, melt in mouth Tandoori Badaami Broccoli glazed with a slightly sweet creamy fondue with a garnish of almond flakes.

We have mixed feelings about the Vegetarian Tandoori Platter- while the seekhkebabs and paneer tikka were perfect, we weren’t so sure about mushroom galoutiand shammi kebabs.

They’ve got quite a few burgers to choose from- we tried the Veggies Chilly Bean Burger and it was huge. A delicious crisp bean patty, crunchy vegetables with a generous side of fries- what’s not to love?

The final dish, Artichoke and Asparagus Lasagna, comprised a rich tomato sauce and was the perfect balance of tangy and sweet with a nice crunch of vegetables in every bite.

The cafe looks pretty promising, with excellent service and a pleasant ambience. We only wish they had implemented the theme in the presentation of the food.

Where: 30, North West Avenue, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh

Nearest Metro Station: Punjabi Bagh West

Contact: 011 47029204

Price: INR 1,800 for two {approx.}

Timings: 11am – 1am

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The Villain Cafe

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Punjabi Bagh

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The Villain Cafe

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