We're Under The Spell Of This Brand's Uber-Quirky Decor, Stationery & More

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The Design Wiz

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What Makes It Awesome

Now that we're spending most of our time indoors, it only makes sense that we spruce it up a bit. If you haven't started working on that bedroom wall or your workstation, this is your cue. Based out of Delhi, TheDesignWiz is run by a bunch of creative wizards who have cracked the spell to make one of the quirkiest decor, stationery and other utility products.

The idea of starting TheDesignWiz brewed over a cup of coffee between three friends. Soon after they started out on their entrepreneurial journey and made plenty of quirky and trendy products. Two of the many things we look forward to while getting on a shopping spree. These guys have worked on a bunch of different Wall Arts with fun(ny) quotes and designs. You'll definitely find one that defines your mood. Ours was the Beer Belly Wall Art. 

If you favour vintage over contemporary, TheDesignWiz have amazing table lamps which will add a retro vibe to your space. Stationery lovers, they have something for you too. Adorable printed notebooks and absurdly shaped pens dominate their stationery collection. You can also shop for storage baskets and boxes for storing trinkets and other such essentials. These boxes come in different shapes, designs and sizes. 

Catering to the young and older demographic alike, products at TheDesignWiz make for some really great gifts as well. For instance, they have a bunch of animal-shaped Origami Wall Pieces (lion, bird, elephant and more) which can be used as housewarming gifts. 

Price: INR 200 upwards 


You can find TheDesignWiz at the DLF Mall Of India in Noida and a studio in Delhi, in case you fancy a visit. Alternatively, you can place orders online on their website. Oh, and they offer countrywide shipping. Woohoo!