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Delhi’s Got An Amusement Park With Roller Coasters, Poolside Food Courts & More!



    Sporting a water park, an amusement park and an adventure sports club, Drizzling Land is yet another fun theme park you need to add to your thrill list. They’ve got their own version of the Kempty Falls, wave pools, roller coasters, zip-lining, food courts and the works.

    Thrill Seeker Much?

    They did open in 2005 but it’s only now that they’ve grown over 8x and are pulling out the big guns. They’ve got three separate thrills rolled into one—a water park for some summer holiday outings, an amusement park for the weekend adrenaline kick, and an adventure club for those with hearts of steel.

    They’ve got poolside food courts so you can get your chill and grub on at the same time. You can choose to stay over in their rooms or book a party hall if it’s a celebration.

    What About The Rides?

    The water park has wave pools, cyclone slide, pendulum slide, huge pools and more. The amusement park boasts of rides like Rock N Roll, Roller Coaster {biggest in Delhi NCR as they claim}, Water Mary Go Round, My Fair Lady, Disc Coaster, Revolving Tower and the lot that makes you clench your fists in frission.

    Zip-lining, wall climbing, rappelling and 30+ activities make up the adventure club. We’re already confused which ride to hit first {this is gonna take a while}. They’re also coming out with Mud-Adventure activities, so if you don’t mind getting a little dirty, this might be up your alley.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Theme parks are always a fun idea no matter what time of the week it is {Monday thrills, maybe?}. We’re going here for some upside-down rides and water splashes. When are you?

    Price: Starting at INR 500 for kids and INR 750 for adults; room + theme park ticket costs INR 2600 per day {two people}

    For more details and bookings, click here.