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Don't Miss This Buffet Inspired By The Destinations On Asia's Oldest Trade Route

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What Makes It Awesome

Unlimited food, vast variety to choose from, something to satisfy the hunger demon in you. We all need that one place where our taste buds are spoiled for choice. But we found a place that not only fits the bill perfectly but also takes you on a historical journey. The G. T. Road, a massive place in Connaught Place serves a one-of-a-kind themed buffet. This experience takes you on a journey of flavours from Kabul to Chittagong.

Nothing is better than grilled meat and greens hot off the coals and this is the freshest of the lot. Your grill is on the table right in front of your plate. Grill to your kind of perfection and slide it on your plate. Can it get any better? We don’t think so! We had an unlimited supply of prawns, chicken, mutton, corn on the cob, veggies…OMG!

Truly a road trip of flavours we started with Kachha Saag {no it is not what you think, they mean salads!}. A trip on the salad train with Timatar Rasila from Peshawar to Tilwala Chukandar, Lahore and Kabuli Chana Batata Dhaniya from Kabul of course. Who knew salads could be so good! We wanted more of this but we moved on to Kachey Gosht Ki Biryani {not raw, duh!} from Lahore and Kosha Murgir Mongsho from Chittagong. But the true taste test was Rajma Masala from Patiala and Saade Chawal because you cannot go wrong with this.

Pro Tip

The G. T. Road was a gastronomic adventure covering a distance of 2,600kms in a few hours and with lots of food. When the buffet is on your mind we suggest heading to this place for a food coma that starts as low as INR 399. You will not be disappointed.

For queries, you can call 9871121428, 9717720084 or 9310288808

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