There Is No Bigger Craving Than A Momo Craving: Sort It Here!

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What Makes It Awesome

All I've done these last few months is ordered out and tried indie products and I'm so happy to report that I've discovered few real gems. Apart from a few amazing pickles and preserves, I've been most surprised by the quality of food home chefs are doling out, complete from the packaging to the presentation and of course the flavour of the food. My latest find has been Boju's Kitchen.

Boju means "Grandma" in Nepali and Boju's Kitchen is an enterprise by a mother and daughter duo, a journalist and a digital marketeer, who went back to their roots and their family recipes to create a menu that's the true taste of Nepal. Though the menu is concise, it has an entire meal presented in it, a meal that's not just satisfying but very authentic too. Having travelled to Nepal and North East very often as a child, my food memories of Kathmandu, Kalimpong and Darjeeling came flooding back just by seeing the food from Boju's Kitchen.

When I called to thank the team at Boju's, I asked about the idea behind the venture. I was told that as long as they could remember they had been eating and serving momos to friends whether it was a birthday or just a small get together. It was during a random conversation with one of their friend's, who suggested starting a small venture and that's how this enterprise began. I am personally very thankful to that friend.

The menu includes chicken, pork and vegetarian momos which includes either mushroom or cottage cheese. You can order them steamed, pan-fried or fried. I suggest you start with steamed pork, pan-fried chicken and deep-fried paneer momos, they work the best. They've added mutton momos recently so I guess it's time to order again and I'm yet to try the mushroom ones, so that's another meal about to happen. What's great about these guys is that you can opt for Wheat skin instead of white flour, I found that to be a great idea since atta is used a lot in Nepali momos and we hardly see that in a typical menu. The day I ordered was the day they started their signature, heirloom recipe of Class Ghoom Pork Curry which is served with hot and spicy aloo dum and a little packet of aloo bhujia which adds super texture to every bite. Needless to say, the pork was perfectly cooked, the curry was thin, which meant it wasn't very heavy despite the heaviness of pork, I could eat a lot of it and now I want some more.

You can check them out on Insta and DM to order, they're based in South Delhi but deliver all over NCR.

Price: INR 295 onwards for 1 plate of Momos


Confused about what to get? They recommend the Pork Curry Meal or any of their steamed/pan-fried momos with the filling of your choice.