These Fresh Face Masks Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Soft, Vibrant & Super Hydrated

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Enn's Closet

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What Makes It Awesome?

If your skin, like mine, tends to dry out constantly or goes through a million moods a day - you need these face masks and packs in your life. Enn’s Closet's masks are 100% healthy and a 100% fire (not in the chemicals burning on your face way since they're natural). They’re made with the highest quality natural ingredients and are non-toxic.

I tried out the Illuminious Face Mask for dull skin and I definitely noticed the brightening effect after one use; it's got white rice in it which gently exfoliates dead skin cells and helps fight off blemishes. I wouldn't use it more than once a week, though, since scrubbing skin constantly can make it feel raw. They also have overnight masks you can go to bed in, charcoal ones for deep cleansing and a chocolate one, too (don't eat it though!).

They also have a range of skincare essentials like toners, moisturisers and my holy grail SPF (never leave the house without a healthy layer of sunscreen on) that's nice and not too greasy. Other than the regular stuff, they now also have lip products like lip balms and lip masks, as well as lipsticks I can't wait to try. I also need their Eyelash Balm that's supposed to help with growth.

The packaging is pretty minimalistic and perhaps a little too inspired by Lush Cosmetics. The masks start at INR 850.

What Could Be Better

Their haircare range is a bit limited with 1 mask only which wouldn't work for my hair type so hope they add more choices in that category.


If you're a face mask lover and constantly go through them (in that case, good for you, practicing self care regularly!) their mask applicator is a pretty hygienic and easier way of putting the face mask on without it slipping and dripping everywhere.