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These Imli Candies & Anardana Drops Will Remind You Of Your Childhood


    Mr. Merchant delivers post-meal digestives in different flavours that work great after heavy meals and taste amazing.

    Great For

    Anardana drops, Imli candy, dry meetha paan.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Mr. Merchant's products are the sort that make you reminisce your childhood and remind you of that particular cupboard in your naani's room that has an endless supply of hing pellets and aam paapad.They've got stuff like sour Imli candies, sweet paan, anardana drops, masala/sweet Gooseberry candies, roasted flax seeds, the ever-so-delicious aam paapad and more. Apart from the piquant taste and strong nostalgia, these work great for your gut digestively, specially on the nights when you go all-in on the butter chicken and dal makhani - a healthy affair, after all.

    Pro Tip

    As flavourful and addictive these digestive candies are, we'd suggest you have them in moderation.