These Leather Slip On Sneakers Are Going To Be All Over Instagram

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dmodot's been making super comfortable (and well crafted) shoes for men. They've finally launched a collection for women, and I got my hands on them as soon as they were available. As expected, they fit like a dream, are really well finished - I especially love that they've managed to keep the leather weave light and not bulky - and are the comfiest shoes to wear to work, run errands and step out for dinner/drinks.

They're available in six beautiful colours; my favourites being the ones pictured (I bought the ones in cream).

Anything Else?

They cost INR 3600 for a pair. For hand-crafted shoes, that's a pretty sweet deal. I don't usually wear sneakers anywhere apart from the gym/park. These shoes are formal enough to wear to work (assuming your office is as cool as LBB's :)) and informal enough to wear to the grocery store as well.