Bro, These Workwear Shirts Will Make Monday Mornings A Whole Lot Easier!

The most annoying part about going to work in the morning is figuring out what you're going to wear (am I right?). It's so hard to pick from the same old shirts, especially if you're not feeling dressy. Let's change that? Add these additions to your work-wear staples to make Monday mornings a lot easier... 

Triangle Printed Maroon Shirt

Seemingly minimal and super work-friendly, this maroon shirt makes your formals a tad more fun. It's not overbearing and looks muted enough for your business meetings. And if you're on your way for some drinks with friends, you'll still fit right in! 

Handmade Concealed Placket Navy Blue Shirt

Sometimes you're just bored of the same old collars and cuffs, and those days you NEED to switch it up! While you probably can't just go to work in a t-shirt (ah, imagine), you can still feel at ease and not be dressed in a conventionally 'office-wear' shirt. The collars are interesting and navy is always a great pick for work. 

Blue Stripes Button Down Collar Slim Fit Shirt

Nothing speaks professionalism like a classic striped shirt. Made with a comfortable cotton blend and a slim-fit silhouette, this one's a great break from the usual 'poofy' shirts that make things look not-so-flattering sometimes. Need another plus-point? It's only ₹999! 

Horizontal Striped Sky Blue Shirt

A sky blue shirt always trumps Monday morning blues. In a pleasant hue, SUPER flattering strips and breathable cotton fabric- this one will make getting outta bed much easier than it is.

Dual Tone Chequered Shirt

The trusty checkered shirt is a fail-safe pick. And when it's in cotton and a slim-fit? It works well for casual occasions, semi-formal events and work all at once. 

Classic Sky Blue Shirt

A classic sky blue shirt indeed. Everyone needs a staple sky blue shirt to match with all the pants you have. Sometimes it's just hard to come up with something that looks and feels great but not with a classic blue shirt. It goes SUPER well with grey, black and beige pants so you won't be spending 20 minutes rampaging your closet to pair it with something that matches.