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This All-Natural Beauty Brand Does The Nicest-Smelling Facewash & Shampoo!

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What Makes It Awesome

That it’s surprisingly aromatic for a vegan-esque beauty brand. I’m a bit averse to all-natural things, personally (unlike every hipster ever) because I really like my products to smell fantastic—something that, in my opinion, is a bit of a rarity with the all-natural side of the beauty brigade. But Arata surprised me by being both fragrant and surprisingly affordable for its bracket.

If I were to recommend something specifically, it’d be the bodywash and facewash. They come in useful, press-down dispensers (a plus, in my opinion because they are easier than squeezy tubes). They also foam up as you’d hope, and the facewash particularly leaves you feeling squeaky-clean (unlike the thin layer of slime some tend to leave post a wash).

The hair gel is also, I’m told by a friend, pretty great—but since I’d sooner die than put any kind of goop in my mane, I can’t vouch for it firsthand.

What Could Be Better

The packaging could me more distinct—all the products look very similar so you might accidentally use hair gel mistaking it for a facewash.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000