This Fitness Center Is Breaking All The Myths of Fitness And We’ll Tell You How!


    What Makes It Awesome?

    When we search for a gym and fitness center, we unconsciously go for popular names, preferred by the mass! Despite all the noise about equality these days, when it comes to fitness and coaching,  people are still biased (could be unconsciously) and prefer male coaches and trainers even if there are highly qualified women in the space. 

    This amazing trio of women, Jeeth Sanghavi, Geeta Solanki and Shivani Dahiyaa, are breaking stereotypes every day. These women are qualified fitness coaches and international athletes who chose to pursue their dreams of transforming people’s lives and helping them achieve their fitness goals. With their scientific, safe and healthy approach, they have trained and successfully transformed numerous clients and have helped them achieve their dream bodies as body builder, muscular, lean and athletic. These women call themselves ‘Dark Athletes’ due to their unique training environment and are leading a revolution in the industry by supporting both men and women in their fitness journeys through their venture - Boxx Era.

    Boxx Era is an unconventional fitness studio based in South Delhi. It breaks away from being just another regular nearby gym or fitness studio by offering holistic fitness services beyond just physical training. They offer range of services from group classes (outdoor and indoor bootcamps), personal training (offline and online), nutritional plans, adaptive programmes for clients with medical issues, rehab/prehab programmes and transformation programmes. Boxx Era attracts clients from all over India and they support the logistics requirements of all the outstation clients.

    You can find Boxx Era as the place where athletes, children, adults, women and bodybuilders come together, envision their goals and get nothing but the best results. Your goal could be weight loss, to gain lean and muscular body, to achieve higher physical strength or to gain a healthy lifestyle and to achieve these, you need to visit @BoxxEra!  Boxx Era’s team of experts and professional trainers ensure that all the classes and programmes are specifically designed to meet individual client needs and goals. There is no thing as a ‘one-size’ fits all approach at Boxx Era!

    Tell Me More!

    When the pandemic hit, many fitness studios were struggling to be above the water. Boxx Era, on the other hand, immediately jumped into action and came up with a plan so that their clients’ training did not get hampered. With constant innovation in their workout methodology and service delivery, Boxx Era keeps coming up with new ways to improve their clients' approach to fitness. Be it their 30-days online @home workout challenge series or their outdoor workout bootcamps ‘Boxx Era Parks’ that was conducted after the first lockdown restrictions were eased, and the personalized online training sessions. We don’t know about you but we’re in awe of how Boxx Era could come up with new initiatives and keep going in spite of hard times!

    Boxx Era team’s experience of running outdoor boot camps for past seven years across Delhi and Mumbai, proved to be a major pillar underpinning the success of Boxx Era parks. A testimony of creativity at its best, every day at Boxx Era Parks presents a new and demanding workout routine that is challenging enough to test the fittest and simple enough for a newbie to not get intimidated. The workouts are carefully designed to be scalable based on the fitness level of the client.

    With the opening of gyms and fitness centres across the country, Boxx Era successfully runs these bootcamps (both indoor and outdoor) daily while ensuring that all the COVID-19 safety protocols are followed strictly. Many fitness centres in neighbourhood were inspired by the innovative COVID-secure measures and precautions taken by Boxx Era and they too have started following and implementing the same during their workouts. 

    Boxx Era’s most valued product is its tailored transformation programme, that is scientifically curated based on the client’s body type and fitness goals. Utilizing extremely safe, scientific and healthy fitness approach, Boxx Era’s founder, celebrity fitness coach and international athlete - Jeeth Sanghavi – has delivered and is continuing to deliver many successful transformation results. To share a small intro of Jeeth, she was the one responsible for Priyanka Chopra's fit body in Mary Kom. Hey, did you start imagining that you are getting trained side by side with PC by the same international master coach!!!

    Pro Tip

    Boxx Era has recently unveiled their newest transformation client. Battling the COVID-19 pandemic constraints, Jeeth Sanghavi successfully transformed and helped a client overcome several body joint injuries in a span of 8 months. During the 8 months, not only did the client recover from all the injuries but Jeeth’s expertise and hybrid approach to training has helped her become stronger – physically and mentally! Check out the testimony of the client describing her amazing transformation here.
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