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This Fun And Creative Wedding Invite Turns Into Our Favourite Board Game!


    Two sisters. While one decides to get married, the other quits her job for her sister’s wedding. Sounds just like a Bollywood movie plot, right? Well, this isn’t reel; it’s for REAL! Meet the super sister, Simran Monga, a visual artist and graphic designer, who quit her job for planning the wedding.

    When Simran got to know that her sister {Mansha} is getting married, she knew that the time had come to make up for all the lost moments, as she had moved abroad for her work about a decade ago. And as Simran is a sucker for visual stories and illustrations, she decided to design Mansha’s wedding invitation card all on her own. Yes, on her own!

    The family didn’t want a regular invitation card; they wanted something that would tell a story they would cherish for life, and here’s what she made:

    The Story Behind The Parrots, Marigolds & Ludo

    The family wanted something that relatives and friends could use as a souvenir and not just throw away after the mithai inside was gone. Simran was already quite busy searching the Internet for designs and soon realised that hardly any Indian invites were for keepsake, and none were that interactive, either. That’s when the idea of a Ludo box struck, to be gifted with the invitation cards.

    Instead of the regular mithai inside the box, Simran designed the Ludo game on cover of the box and added:

    …three hexagon shaped mason jars with cinnamon cashews, pepper almonds and pistachio clusters, a quick guide on How To Play Ludo, and a note that says, “Kindly empty the box, lay it flat and turn it upside down to form a square”.

    The reason behind incorporating Ludo in the wedding invite was that while growing up, the game was the family’s favourite pastime. On most Sundays, while the bride-to-be’s mother used to prepare breakfast for the family, the siblings would patiently sit with their father on the dining table and play a round of Ludo which would eventually turn into lots of cheating, shouting and turning the Ludo board upside down before someone actually declared themselves a winner!

    Parrots and marigolds on the wedding card also have quite an interesting story to tell. During childhood, the father of the bride used to bring home parrots and the siblings would keep them for a day, and set them free the next day.

    And if there’s one flower that the family associates most with, it’s marigold. Whether it’s decorating the house or coming back from the temple/Gurudwara back then, there were always plenty of marigolds involved for them!

    This story first appeared on ShaadiSaga.


    Don’t just go with what’s trending on the Internet. What’s in trend today may not be in trend tomorrow. Instead, focus on what you like the most, use personal experiences to tell your story and incorporate them in the various elements of your wedding!