This Lajpat Nagar Brand Makes Gorgeous Flats!

Strolling around Delhi markets is a truly an experience like none other, add the glaring sun and blazing heat to this affair and it might not end up being as great as it started out. Luckily, LBB gives you the option to skip out on the struggle and shop right from the comfort of your bed and some well-needed air conditioning. (Ah, the pleasures of modern life.) 

If you're in the mood to shop for some SUPER comfortable and incredibly cute looking shoes, we've got just the brand. Weaving Threads is a must-shop brand that's right at your disposal on your phone screen if you're trying to do some shoe shopping! Here are some of our favourites: 

Handcrafted Snakeskin Effect Back Strap Flats

Snakeskin prints are simply a great pick for an effortless and chic addition to any complimentary outfit. These back strap flats are a no-brainer for a simple outfit of a breezy blue shirt and white pants. They're faux leather with comfortable rubber soles for those on the go! 

Handcrafted Basket weave Pink Slides

These basket-weave pink slides are extremely feminine and fashionable while being extremely practical and versatile for everyday. Slides are so easy to just slip on and totally fit the brief for fuss-free footwear.

Handcrafted Multi Tone Strappy Leather Flats

Strappy flats for the win! Super neutral and easy to pair with SO many outfits, these flats are a great choice to add to your daily-wear shoes for a snug and stylish option. They come in sizes up to EUR 41 so don't worry about finding the perfect size! 

Handcrafted Leather Weave Criss Cross Slides

The classic weave criss cross slides are such a great option for you to slip-on and look chic with such low effort. These will quickly sneak into your everyday picks as well! At ₹ 849, you have the option to also get these in a really tasteful grey! You can pair these slides with a cute maxi dress or a cute jeans and top combo! 

Handcrafted Tan Textured Knot Detail Kohlapuris

These Kolhapuris is a more contemporary version of the classic style and a great option if you want to ease into the trend without committing too much! It's a gorgeous tan hue and high quality faux leather so you won't have to part with these too quick even if you wear them everyday!