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This Single Malt Is Already Making Us Run Out Of Ice!


Whenever we sit with a good single malt, we try to imagine ourselves in a smoke filled room, with invigorating conversations over clinking of glasses and jazz in the background {it’s romantic, is all}. So when we got our hands on The Ardmore Legacy, peated single malt {from Beam Suntory portfolio of Lost In Translation fame}, we felt quite Bob Harris-esque.

The Smoky Taste

Traditionally, the deep, smoky flavour of whisky comes from drying the malting barley over peat fire. The Ardmore Legacy, which is a Highland {originates in the Highland region in Scotland} single malt, has a light golden colour. Like with all smoked whiskys, it has a clear hint of peat smoke which resonates long after the peg is downed. We also found a lingering hint of cinnamon and toffee bonbon. And as with any Highland malt, The Ardmore Legacy could be identified by its subtle, honeyed tone.

The Finish

The Ardmore Legacy has a deep wooden aftertaste that hovers at the back of the mouth for longest time.

How To Enjoy

The quintessential way to enjoy single malt is neat. Just before you gulp, chew the liquid to experience, for a rare second, all the flavours. Another way to open up the body of a whisky is to add water {ideally spring water} to it. Our favourite way to enjoy a single malt, though, is over three cubes of ice. It releases the delicate notes of The Ardmore Legacy and leaves a refreshing taste.

The Ardmore Legacy is now available in Delhi and Haryana, and all you single malt lovers should definitely give it a try.

Price: INR 3,200 {Haryana} and INR 4,100 {Delhi}

This story is partnership with The Ardmore Legacy.