This Malaysian Momo Chain Is Now In Delhi & We're Loving All The Variety

    Satya Niketan, Delhi


    Delhiites take their momos very seriously. So, we headed to Satya Niketan to check out the newly-opened Momo King, hoping they’ll be as good as the ones we find on the street. Verdict: They don’t disappoint. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    A big food chain in Malaysia, they’ve recently entered the Indian space with their first two outlets (there’s another one in Gurgaon). 

    The folks here are dedicated to delivering the authentic taste of momos (the type that you get in Himalayan regions) and the staff will serve them to you with a smile. If bingeing on momos is one of your guilty-pleasures, this one is a fab (and hygienic) option to go to. 

    The menu includes a variety of pan-fried, jhol (soup-y ones), steam, deep fried, sandheko, tandoor and open momos (the latter is their signature). Our favourite of the lot were the cheese momos, which may sound basic, but the hot layer on the outside along with the cheese bursting in our mouth is something we want to gorge on repeatedly. 

    What Could Be Better

    This particular outlet is pretty small, with seating space just enough for around 6-7. But TBH, we didn’t really care much about that. 

      Satya Niketan, Delhi