This Statement Jewellery Brand Is A Mecca For A Girl’s Bridal Party

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    What Makes It Awesome

    That it’s got some truly beautiful, statement-making pieces. They use some very interesting materials (mirror, pearl, resin and stone), and are dramatic without being tasteless (a common by-product of statement jewellery). These pair well with both an elaborate bridesmaid ensemble, as well as do wonders to pick up a non-fussy solid-hued dress or a simple, collared white shirt. You’ll find all core jewellery subcategories covered—read; necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, head jewellery, et al. It also has fun little extras (like personalised clutches, bags straps and such) for people that don’t care for jewellery. I do, however, care for jewellery, and I’m in love with their earrings and necklaces. In particular, their Mandala mirrorwork pieces are stunning—their Mandala Mirror and Pearl Long Earrings, for example, have a way of making anyone look graceful. Their chokers are exquisite, but it’s their statement necklaces (that run chunky, loud and bold) and are the real home run (their Bombay Deco Statement Mirror Choker is essentially art that uses your neck as its canvas).

    What Could Be Better

    While you will find a few pieces that are reasonably priced, you have to be prepared to invest a little each piece (the quality is a guarantor, though).
      Available Online