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This Super Pretty Mountain Cafe In Delhi Serves The Best Pizzas, Sizzlers, Desserts & Drinks

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What Makes It Awesome

Sakley's is the prettiest cafe around in Delhi. The interiors are gorgeous, vintage and you will feel like you're sitting at a cosy little cafe in the mountains. The service is brilliant and the food is superb. The food is delicious, the presentation is on point and the value for money is all worth it. I'd recommend their pizzas,sizzles, sandwiches and their all day breakfast menu.

Desserts are THE BEST. Tiramisu, carrot cake, chocolate mousse, pancakes and waffles, there's not one dessert which will disappoint you. They have old classics {like Abba} playing, have a wonderful book collection to chose from and the vibe of this cafe will have you smiling. You will fall in love with it for all that it is and it's the perfect place for your next date with your partner, family, friends or even yourself.

What Could Be Better?

I think their playlist could be a little more versatile. They usually have a select set of songs on repeat!

What's My Pro Tip?

Try their pizzas, pancakes, sizzler, desserts, drinks and coffees. My personal favourite is the home-made pancake with maple syrup and butter, waffles with fresh strawberry and whipped cream, tiramisu, caramel coffee, bbq chicken pizza and honey glazed pork chops.

Their all-day breakfast menu is great for your quick bites. Good music, books, coffee and something to eat. Alone or not, this place will make you feel very comfortable.

Anything Else?

Go here when you have enough time. If you like to go on a solo date, this place is the place to be at. Sit back, sip on your drink, enjoy the food and you'll have a great time.