This Tiny Cafe In Prashant Vihar Is Perfect For A Quiet Date

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you’re looking for a quiet cafe to chill with a friend or your significant other, this cute little place in Prashant Vihar is just perfect for you. Birds On A Wire is a pretty small cafe, and doesn’t have seating space for more than seven to ten people.

The cafe is decorated beautifully and has a very cutesy vibe to it. The walls are laden with inspirational quotes, some books, and the cups that they serve their milkshakes in. Which brings me to their milkshakes (I didn’t try since they didn’t have any lactose-free options). Their milkshakes are their bestsellers (they have some 20 odd varieties) and they’re named after celebrities/famous characters. These are served in cups that have caricatures of the celebrity/character and, in my opinion, seems quite fancy.

Their menu isn’t very big, but the quality of their food is quite good. They’re thinking of introducing a healthy section to the menu also, but since the place is quite new, they’re taking things slow.

What Could Be Better?

Since they’re just starting out, they’ve yet to figure out a system for home deliveries. They also use plastic cups and straws, which I hope is something they will change soon.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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