The Thousand Rupees Sarojini Nagar Challenge

Navni posted on 20 March


How far can INR 1,000 take you in the city? You’re probably thinking a lunch out {that too, sans alcohol} or a single trip to the grocery store.

We’re thinking jholas full of clothes, accessories, shoes and jewellery. Two of us LBB shopaholics went on a shopping expedition to Sarojini Nagar bearing only one thousand rupees each. Here’s what we managed to score.

PS: We also had some dough left over for a plate of  steamed pork momos.


Empire line tank top: INR 100 Beaded colourful necklace: INR 100 Reflector sunglasses: INR 100 Taupe studded leather slippers: INR 300 Studded wooden bangle: INR 80

Denim floral skirt: INR 150 Zebra sweatshirt: INR 100 Metal beaded necklace: INR 30 Beaded pendant: INR 50


Embroidered denim romper: INR 200 Aztec print bag: INR 250 Flamingo scarf: INR 50 Gold cut-out cuff: INR 50 Hexagonal ring: INR 80

Black glitter sweater: INR 100 Floral mini skirt: INR 100 Pink crop top: INR 75 Gold bangles: INR 25 Gold and black ring: INR 40 Infinity hair clip: Own

Do you think we did well? Or did we fall short on the bargaining skills? Tell us your Sarojini story in the comments!

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