Three Long, Winding Trails In Gurgaon That Are Perfect For Quiet Evening Walks

Divya posted on 04 September

Most of us forget to appreciate the little things, thanks to the hustle-bustle of city life. Put an end to that and pick one of these places to go for a walk – today!

Aravali Biodiversity Park

Many have heard about Aravali Biodiversity park, but not many of us have actually made the effort to go there and see it for ourselves. More like a forest, than a park, as the name suggests, a walk in this area will liven you up. From morning to evening walks, and even cycling to rock climbing – you’re spoilt for choice when you arrive at Aravali Biodiversity Park. And if you have any interest in plant or bird watching, you won’t be able to get enough of this place.

Leisure Valley Park

What’s more romantic than food, right? And while Gurgaon doesn’t have an equivalent of Dilli Haat, we do have more than just the concrete jungle known as Cyber Hub. Head to Sector 29, but no, not the main restaurant area. Head to the part of Leisure Valley Road that’s entirely taken up by food trucks on one side and we bet you’ll have the best evening walk ever! Pick up some tidbits that won’t require you to sit and eat and start your walk.

{Tip: Go earlier during the evening or on weekdays if you want to avoid the rush.}

Damdama Lake

Living in Gurgaon, you barely ever get to look at, and appreciate, a sky full of stars, or even the morning sun for that matter. Drive a bit further from your house to Damdama Lake, on a good-weather day for a lovely walk – and even a picnic if you’re up for it! They have tons of activities for the purpose of team building sessions that are very popular there, but you could try them even otherwise.

Best for only a day trip – but if you decide to stick around a bit longer, we suggest heading over The Gateway Resort which has several dining options.


Damdama Lake, Gurgaon

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