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Aspiring Musician? Hit Up These 3 Jam Pads To Practice Your Tunes, For Just INR 250

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If you take music seriously, you have probably come across the angry neighbour by now. This person has the audacity to come knocking on your door in the middle of the night, while you and your friends create magic, and ask you to stop. Before you get arrested for aggravated assault, I suggest you take a look at these three spaces for your jamming needs, away from this hater of all things good and decent.

Loyal Jamming Studio/Loyal Jampad

This place is perfect for people starting out in their music careers, with an extremely helpful staff. The space is fairly large, if not a little too squarish. A little adjustment and you’ll be good to go. The sound is decent, but the drums are encased. You could however, record your sessions through a direct link to your smart phone. They’re open till midnight everyday. For a detailed information on the rig available, and contact information, head on over here.

Sound of Soul

It’s a medium-sized room, with great acoustics! The vibe in this place is quite relaxed and they have a great lounge to unwind in {wink}.  The equipment available here is perhaps the best in the list. Parking is also not a problem, in case you’re lugging around heavy equipment pre-gig. For a detailed information on the rig available, and scheduling timings, head on over here.

Sound Station

A personal favourite, it’s perhaps best known to all the major musicians in the city, and has become a regular staple for most of them. The room is a bit odd, since it’s rectangular in shape, with the drums in the middle, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. The equipment needs some updating, but they are more than willing to oblige if you make some suggestions. Their last slot is midnight to 2am. For a detailed information on the rig available, and contact information, head on over here.


All the jam pads mentioned have varying acoustic treatments, and equipment. Whether you are a solo artist, a band, or a collective, you should go check out each and see which one’s for you, before committing.